office catering company breakfast benefit for employees
8. 4. 2024

Freshly baked, crispy and a benefit for your employees

Whether or not you provide meals at work, you should include at least a shared breakfast in your company benefits package. - According to the latest Czech JobsIndex survey, 3...
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Bakery Dark Kitchen croissant viennoiserie Prague
9. 2. 2024

Where can you taste our bakery?

Since February, we have been delivering our viennoiserie delicacies - French pastries made from plundered (folded) dough - to our sister companies Spojka Karlín and Endorfin. We now deliver the...
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best croissant in Prague
18. 1. 2024

Viennoiserie, croissant, voilá

The best croissants take 48 hours to prepare. Discover more. Discover viennoiserie. French "Viennese" pastries offer much more than just croissants. Viennoiserie (or Vienazri) is a category of French pastry...
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Welcome drink event
4. 1. 2024

Welcome drink. How and why

The welcome drink is not at all only a matter of prestigious events. Welcome drink:- creates a warm atmosphere upon arrival- shortens the wait time for the meal or the...
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catering how much food to order quantity
4. 1. 2024

Catering. How much food to order

Not sure how much food to order for your event? We've put together a short list for your inspiration. Coffee break 15 - 30 min.Weight 150 - 200 g/person.Small snacks...
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catering flying buffet Prague canapés
19. 12. 2023

Serve a flying buffet

Flying buffet is an informal style of catering service in which the staff offers guests small portions of food on trays. Unlike a stationary buffet, guests do not offer themselves...
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catering refreshment for birthday
19. 12. 2023

Make an impression with your birthday refreshment

Are you planning a birthday party and don't know what to do with the refreshments? You've come to the right place. Someone likes to enjoy a big celebration someone prefers...
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catering networking
13. 12. 2023

4 tips to help your guests network

The goals of networking events depend on the type of event and the organizers, but mostly it is about connecting people who have something in common and enabling them to,...
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