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About Spojujeme

We are professionals with high standards and many years of experience from all over the world, who have been working in Prague gastronomy since 2013.

We are part of Spojujeme, a brand that covers gastronomy, entertainment and event spaces. In 2022 alone, we delivered 276 events to our clients. We are members of the Czech Event Association. You can read our full story here.



Vegetarian restaurant with conference floor



Multifunctional space with 5 escape games, bar and space for rent


Show Must Go On

Teambuilding and entertainment programmes for events


Spojka Karlín

First flexitarian restaurant in Czech Republic


Spojka Events

Modern event space with full service


Dark Kitchen

Beautiful, varied and tasty snacks with delivery in Prague

About Dark Kitchen

Dark Kitchen brings a new dimension of catering for private and corporate events. It is a catering concept that offers aesthetically beautiful and tasty refreshments in a design-conscious and environmentally responsible packaging. No need for dishes or service. The main premium product is canapés, but coffee breaks, breakfasts, and quick lunch breaks are also available.

Bistro Dark Kitchen in Vinohrady - we cook international cuisine, well-known and popular dishes with an emphasis on the quality of ingredients. Here you can enjoy breakfast, a quick lunch, an excellent dinner, or relax with a glass of wine from our extensive wine cellar. Open Mon-Sun 7:30 AM - 11:00 PM, Řipská 12, Vinohrady.

Dark Kitchen has a facility of 1000 m², where it prepares hot and cold dishes, as well as bakery and confectionery products.

We also have our own e-shop with products.

A modern and well-thought-out concept

Like most of our projects, the idea for Dark Kitchen came about when we couldn't find a product on the market that suited us. An aesthetically beautiful and tasteful take away finger food. And when we saw similar requests coming from our clients as well, we decided to launch it ourselves. 

We found the space for the new kitchen in Vinohrady. And here we found another beautiful opportunity. It included a retail space, which would be a shame not to use. As the first purely catering company in Prague, we will have our own showroom, which is currently being renovated and will open in spring of 2024. Throughout the day, you will be able to taste the daily catering specials or buy them to go. The showroom is also designed as a bistro for the public. You can come here for breakfast, a quick lunch or a glass of wine from the wine cellar we are really proud of. 

Since we have very specific requirements for our boxes, we knew right from the start that we wanted to make our own bakery products. In the end, we decided to focus the entire bakery primarily on viennoiserie (croissants type of products), which is still rather rare in Prague. Although you can find a lot of quality bakeries, bakeries that make their own croissants are still rare.

  • Convenience. Remove the cover and enjoy straight away. No reloading, no dishes to wash.
  • Easy manipulation. Canapés are easy to take out of the low box.
  • Clean consumption. Canapés from the premium line do not roll, do not drip, do not spill or leak.
  • Aesthetics. We want to decorate your meeting with our catering. Both with the box itself and the appetizers.
  • Variety. Canapés in the mix box are varied in taste, consistency and colour.
  • Comfort. We do not use strong garlic, fish or poppy seeds. Nothing that might bother you in a business conversation.
  • Sustainability. Paper, wood and compostable plastic. Packaging materials are 100% biodegradable.