Bakery Dark Kitchen croissant viennoiserie Prague
Published: 9. 2. 2024

Since February, we have been delivering our viennoiserie delicacies - French pastries made from plundered (folded) dough - to our sister companies Spojka Karlín and Endorfin.

We now deliver the pastries to Spojka early in the morning every day and to Endorfin on weekends. At Spojka, you can now take your #takeaway breakfast to go or have a sweet spot for lunch. At Endorphin, you can refresh yourself before or after playing the escape game.

Pastry & Bakery Chef Václav Král learned the art of viennoiserie from Ignacio Ramirez, winner of the Best Butter Croissant in Spain in 2021. Did you know that the best croissants take 48-72 hours to prepare? We already know.




Butter croissant 60,-

Chocolate and passion fruit croissant (bicolor) 95,-

Raspberry-vanilla croissant (bicolor) 95,-

Brioche knot with hazelnut cream 75,-

Cinnamon Monkey 50,-

Basket with vanilla cream and seasonal fruit 95,-


Bon appetit!