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Published: 19. 12. 2023

Flying buffet is an informal style of catering service in which the staff offers guests small portions of food on trays. Unlike a stationary buffet, guests do not offer themselves food, but it is distributed by a constantly rotating staff. A flying buffet can fully replace a traditional buffet, but it can also be a suitable complement to a more formal reception, where the first appetizer can be served as a flying buffet before guests gather at their tables for a plated dinner.

When is it suitable?

Flying buffets are suitable for less formal events that are predominantly standing, where there is a need to encourage communication between guests, or in areas where there is insufficient space for a stationary buffet station.

What food is served?

The kind that doesn't crumble, doesn't stain your fingers, doesn't drip, doesn't ooze anything, and is eaten in no more than two bites. These are typically a variety of canapés, mini skewers or small glasses. As a rule, they are highly aesthetic and can be salty or sweet, cold or hot.

What are the advantages?
  • saves a lot of space
  • requires no serving equipment other than a napkin
  • eliminates possible queues at buffet stations
  • constantly rotating wait staff brings dynamism to the event
  • ensures continuous serving of food throughout the evening
  • offers guests the opportunity to sample a relatively large number of dishes in smaller portions
  • allows direct interaction with the serving staff
  • saves money