office catering company breakfast benefit for employees
Published: 8. 4. 2024

Whether or not you provide meals at work, you should include at least a shared breakfast in your company benefits package.


- According to the latest Czech JobsIndex survey, 3 out of 4 employees consider the most important factor of job satisfaction to be the relationships at work, i.e. how they get along with their colleagues or how they perceive the atmosphere around them.

- The vast majority of companies that rank as the best companies to work for in global surveys offer free breakfast.

- When you ask employees what company benefits their company offers, free food at work (if the company offers it) is usually mentioned first or second in the list.

Make the most of company benefits.

Meal allowances, which 65% of employers provide to their employees, can be used more effectively. By directing a portion of these funds to company breakfasts, you can increase the value of this benefit many times over.


What the home office can't do.

Company breakfasts aren't just about conveniently delivering food to the office - they're about fostering team spirit and a positive attitude for the day. Not only do they give your employees the energy they need, they provide a convenient opportunity to strengthen bonds and relationships, celebrate successes, support each other in problem solving, or brainstorm spontaneously.


French business breakfast in Prague.

Now imagine starting your working day with freshly baked artisan croissants. Can you hear them crunching? Feel their buttery taste melt on your tongue? That's ultimately the little thing that adds a touch of elegance and, above all, unusualness to your breakfast.


Convenient office supply.

Bringing a taste of Paris to your office has never been easier. With just a few clicks, Dark Kitchen will deliver freshly baked French pastries to your office door. They provide food delivery to businesses 24 hours a day, so even at 7am.


Investing in breakfast can be a very astute management decision in the end. From a company's perspective, it's a small and inexpensive gesture, but one that can have a big impact on employee morale and loyalty. Today, non-monetary benefits are the ones that play a vital role in retaining top talent.


Give employees one more reason to look forward to work in the morning!