catering how much food to order quantity
Published: 4. 1. 2024

Not sure how much food to order for your event? We've put together a short list for your inspiration.

Coffee break 
15 - 30 min.
Weight 150 - 200 g/person.
Small snacks during the short break of a work event.

Lunch buffet
0,5 - 1 hrs.
Weight 400 - 500 g/person.
The main objective is to feed the guests relatively quickly and efficiently in order to continue the programme. The buffet tends to be narrower and serves more light meals.

Reception / Cocktail
1,5 - 2 hrs.
220 - 250 g/person.
The event is short and takes place standing up. A narrow range of cold appetizers is served. Suitable for example for a new product presentation.

Banquet 2 - 3 hours.
Weight 500 - 600 g/person.
Buffet style. Only a small number of tables and chairs are used. The main aim is to get the guests to walk around and have fun with each other.

Banquet 4 - 7 hrs.
Weight 800 - 1200 g/person.
A major event with a given seating chart at the table. The menu is plated and has a clear order of courses. A typical example is a wedding.

P.S. Grammages are approximate.